COVID-19 #3: Crisis Shakes Chinese Regime

China is a vast country, with the biggest population in the world, but one in which a multi-million state machine stifles initiative and fears the voice of the people. A small but very rich capitalist elite rules in the name of ‘communism’ but generally operates according to the laws of the market. [click to read more]

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Budget 2020: Analysis

The budget announced by Tito Mboweni, signifies the most serious attack on the working class since the ANC came to power. The capitalist class, backed by the opposition parties, including the EFF ‘radical economic transformation’ posturers, welcomed the budget. [click to read more]

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PODCAST #2: The ANC’s Historical Mission

The factional struggle in the ANC is an inevitable outcome of the class interests the ANC has served historically – those of the black aspirant capitalist class. We sketch-out how this mission developed historically, including the role of Nelson Mandela and the 1994 negotiated settlement that ended apartheid. [click to read more]