Front Cover of Inqaba No. 11


Background to the UDF’s Launch – Botha’s Constitutional Reforms

1. Botha’s Constitutional Proposals – Reinforcing a Cracking Dictatorship (1982)

2. Koornhof Tightens Influx Control – As Bosses Slash Jobs (1982)

3. The Class Struggle and the Struggle for Democracy (1983)

Launch of the UDF and the Approach of the MWT

4. UDF Conference: Workers Demand Struggle for Jobs, Homes and Freedom (1983)

5. The Organised Workers Must Build and Lead the United Democratic Front (1983)

6. Trade Unions and the UDF (1983)

Debates in the UDF

7. ‘UDF Militants’ – a Voice for Workers’ Democracy in the Movement (1986)

8. Why a National Convention Cannot Transfer Power to the People (1986 & 1983)

9. UDF Call for “National Unity” with the Bosses is Wrong (1986)