Delegates at Numsa’s December 2013 Special National Congress


Part 1Workers and Socialist Party (2012-15)

Part 2Open Letter to Cosatu Members (2013)

Part 3Numsa’s Special National Congress (2013)

Part 4After Numsa’s Congress (2014)

Part 5Numsa Expulsion: Rebuild Trade Union Movement on Socialist Principles (2014)

Part 6Vavi’s Expulsion Opens New Chapter in Working Class Struggle (2015)

Part 7Massive Opportunities for Working Class Struggle Despite United Front Postponement (2015)

Part 8Has the Numsa moment passed? (2016)

Part 9Workers Summit: how can we make the new federation a success? (2017)

Part 10The Workers Party We Need (2018)

Part 11The Working Class Summit – An Historic Step Forward (2018)

Part 12The SRWP and the 2019 Elections (2019)