SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN | End Repression in Sri Lanka!

The Marxist Workers Party, South African affiliate of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI), sends its support and solidarity to all protesters in Sri Lanka and supports the demands of the Aragalaya movement and the Movement for People’s Councils. An International Day of Action is taking place today with protests and pickets taking place outside Sri Lankan embassies in different countries.

Conditions in Sri Lankan continue to deteriorate for millions. Neo-liberal austerity measures are proposed as the “solution” by the government. In order to carry through those measure repression against all opposition activists and organisations has increased. Every single peaceful protest is brutally attacked. Many activists are arrested just for taking part.

The convenor of Inter University Students Federation (IUSF), Wasantha Mudalige, is one of the activists still being held under the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA). The government is making further plans to curtail freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. There is an urgent need to defend fundamental democratic rights in Sri Lanka.

The Movement for Peoples Councils (MPC) in Sri Lanka together with IUSF is appealing to workers, students and youth internationally to support the struggle in Sri Lanka and insist that the Sri Lankan government:

  • Release IUSF student leaders, Wasantha Mudalige and Siridhamma Himi, detained under the PTA, for over 65 days
  • Stop the attacks on protesters
  • Drop all charges on protesters
  • Repeal Prevention of Terrorism Act and all other oppressive laws.
  • Allow freedom of assembly, free speech, and freedom to dissent

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