NEW MEMBERS | Why I joined the MWP #2

by Mofihli Kamogelo, Marikana, North West

When Vladimir Lenin saw the atrocities caused by the First World War and the suffering of the working people he knew that it was time for revolution. The Russian Imperial dynasty was overthrown. This was done by the working class, led by the Bolsheviks.

The Russian revolution was a beacon to a new era, an era of socialism. In the present day modern Republic of South Africa we are subjected to a mediocre government that loots public funds meant for saving lives. A government that shocked the nation by digging graves instead of building sophisticated health facilities.

People have two dimensional explanations to affiliating oneself to politics, they mention greed, power, money and influence but I do not wish for that. My desire is to make a difference and improve people’s lives. As a resident of Marikana I chose to become a Marxist Workers Party member to prevent another massacre, to protect the dignity of the mineworkers.

The Marxist Workers Party is a perfect party to aid the people in all struggles. The foundations of the Marxist Workers Party has the tools that can and will oust the bourgeois regime, the capitalistic regime that will lead to South Africa’s collapse. The bourgeois club will always make this nation a beggar at the international dinner table.

I chose to be affiliated with a party that does not allow to be funded by Capitalists, a party that fights for EPWP jobs to be made permanent. Marxist’s analysis of human society, gave us the understanding of governing laws on how society develops and how we can understand the process of history. My desire is to help the Marxist Workers Party bring socialism. I BECAME A MEMBER WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT!