PODCAST #2: The ANC’s Historical Mission

The Defence of Capitalism

A fierce factional struggle is being waged around the ruling ANC between the supporters of President Cyril Ramaphosa and so-called ‘white monopoly capital’, and the supporters of former-President Jacob Zuma, whose siren-call is ‘radical economic transformation’. Both factions however defend the capitalist system.  In essence, their argument is about the best way to perpetuate the exploitation of the working class.

In this podcast, Weizmann Hamilton, general secretary of the Marxist Workers Party, explains this factional struggle as the inevitable outcome of the class interests the ANC has served historically – those of the black aspirant capitalist class, and sketches-out how this mission developed historically, including the role of Nelson Mandela and the 1994 negotiated settlement that ended apartheid.

Hamilton brings things firmly up to date and warns the leaders of the trade unions that the reformist economic and timid political alternative being put forward will see them following in the ANC’s footsteps and objectively playing the role of defenders of capitalism. Capitalism’s economic and political crisis demands a policy of strict working class independence from the intra-class conflicts of the different wings of the capitalist class. A genuinely independent working class policy must have the nationalisation of the commanding heights of the economy under democratic workers control at its heart.

Recorded at the MWP’s Gauteng branch meeting in Johannesburg on 8 February 2020.

NB: We apologise for the sound quality, especially from 20:00 to 22:30. The meeting took place during severe rainstorms.

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