PODCAST #1: The Class Struggle in 2020

Interview with Weizmann Hamilton, General Secretary of the Marxist Workers Party.

In the following interview, Hamilton draws a balance sheet on the class struggle in 2019 worldwide and in South Africa, and looks ahead to 2020. With the threat of a Moody’s sovereign-debt downgrade hanging over South Africa, and the ANC government’s policy of appeasement to the ratings agencies and the imperialist interests they represent, 2020 promises to be one of tumultuous struggle.

Hamilton explains how the eight-day strike at South African Airways, and the subsequent decision of the ANC government to place SAA in ‘business rescue’ is a rehearsal for the attacks to come on workers in the public sector and state-owned enterprises. What programme must the working class be armed with to resist these attacks? Will the trade union leaders be prepared to lead a struggle against job losses, austerity and privatisation?

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