ESWATINI | The Struggle Must be for Democracy AND Socialism

Over the last several months protests have rocked eSwatini. The masses have taken to the streets to end the dictatorship of King Mswati III with greater militancy than ever before. We salute the heroism of the emaSwati workers and youth. The key task facing revolutionaries in eSwatini is to place the working class in the leadership of the democracy movement armed with a programme for the creation of a workers’ and small farmers’ government and socialism. [click to read more]

Trade Union

Solidarity with Steel and Engineering Workers Strike

The Marxist Workers Party stands in solidarity with the steel and engineering workers who began national strike action on 5 October. This action on pay is being led by Numsa, the dominant union in the nearly half-million strong workforce. Marches have taken place in Johannesburg and Durban with one journalist, reporting live from the Johannesburg, remarking that this is the largest worker-action seen since the pandemic began. [click to read more]

Comment & Analysis

WORKING CLASS SUMMIT DEBATES | What ‘type’ of party does the working class need?

We welcome the re-convening of the Working Class Summit on 23-24 October. The creation of a mass workers party will again be discussed. The Saftu federation is also debating this crucial issue. It remains a controversial topic for the leadership. The SRWP leadership is denouncing the idea of a “mass party” as counter-revolutionary, bourgeois and electoralist. They claim it has no basis in Marxism. Are any of these claims true? What is the way forward for the working class on the political front? [click to read more]

Comment & Analysis

SA AFTER THE RIOTS | What are the prospects for SA’s capitalist economy?

Mining profits are booming. June saw the biggest trade surplus on record. The banks are paying dividends to shareholders again and StatsSA reports that the economy is 11% larger than thought. But unemployment has reached yet another record high. Incomes are falling and poverty is increasing. As the ruling class desperately looks for signs of a post-Covid recovery the inequalities and contradictions of SA’s capitalist economy remain as deep as ever. The few ‘green shoots’ the bosses point to are utterly dependent on the current conjuncture in the world economy and in fact underline the sickness of SA capitalism. [click to read more]


MOZAMBIQUE | Military Intervention Will Solve Nothing

A disaster is unfolding in Cabo Delgado. In 2020 alone there were 570 “violent incidents”. Nearly 3,000 have died so far and over 700,000 have been displaced. Atrocities against the local population are being committed by both the insurgents and the Mozambican army and security forces. For many the SADC intervention may seem necessary to put an end to the possibility of the insurgency spreading. But it will not only fail; it will aggravate the crisis. [click to read more]