Community Struggle

CHIEFLY CORRUPTION | In the Grip of Poverty in the Rural Areas

The Eastern Cape, particularly the rural parts thereof, is the epitome of the ANC’s betrayal of the rural people who are unable to breathe as they are daily chocked by poverty, unemployment, lack of clean water, access roads, healthcare facilities, decent sanitation, proper housing, proper school education and functioning transport. All this misery is an unfortunate consequence of the ANC’s capitalist policies. [click to read more]

Trade Union

OPEN LETTER TO SAFTU | PART 3: The Crisis of Programme

Leon Trotsky explained that, “In the epoch of imperialist decay the trade unions can be really independent only to the extent that they are conscious of being, in action, the organs of proletarian revolution.” (Our emphasis.) Saftu members will not be able to fully purge the policies of class collaboration and complete the journey to reclaiming their organisational, political and ideological until they have consciously rejected the NDR, Keynesianism and all other varieties of reformism, embraced genuine Marxism and made revolutionary trade unionism the official policy of Saftu. [click to read more]

Comment & Analysis

OPEN LETTER TO SAFTU | PART 2: The Crisis in Saftu, the Struggle for Class Independence & the Workers Party

In Part I of our Open Letter we put forward our views on what we believe must begin to emerge from Saftu’s 25 August NEC in order to take forward working class struggle against the unprecedented health, economic and political crisis. But the fact that the NEC meeting is taking place almost a full five months into this crisis cannot be passed-over in silence. Why has there been such a delay in convening the leadership? [click to read more]

Trade Union

OPEN LETTER | To Saftu Members

On 25 August the National Executive Committee of Saftu will sit. Every member of the federation must take a huge interest in this meeting. The outcome will answer whether or not Saftu is prepared to give leadership to the working class in a world that has changed completely in just a few short months. [click to read more]