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Cuba’s Medical Brigade & “Socialist” Cuba

On 27 April, 217 Cuban health workers arrived in South Africa to assist in the fight against Covid-19.
Across the left there has been a stampede to praise “socialist” Cuba. But there has been little said of any substance. However the history of Cuba since 1959 is full of lessons for workers and young people, especially in the neo-colonial world. [click to read more]


SAA: A Warning to the Working Class

Whilst South Africa has been on a lockdown, aeroplanes grounded and at least one airline liquidated across the world, the struggle for the future of South African Airways has continued. Under the whip of big business, government is set to take full advantage of the global aviation industry crisis the pandemic has triggered. They want to break the workers’ resistance, bury SAA and create a new privately-owned entity parasiting on the state. We believe that the rhetoric in the Numsa leadership’s latest statements on SAA cannot hide the fundamental retreat they have made in the five months since the strike ended. Unfortunately they still do not put forward a genuine alternative a struggle. [click to read more]