ESWATINI | A Discussion on Strategy, Tactics and Programme in the emaSwati Revolution

In recent months the MWP has taken part in a series of discussions with activists from eSwatini. We publish below an edited version of a letter written following discussions we were honoured to recently host in person. In making the letter more widely available we offer it as a contribution to the discussions on strategy, tactics and programme that are currently gripping emaSwati activists. [click to read more]


ESWATINI | The Struggle Must be for Democracy AND Socialism

Over the last several months protests have rocked eSwatini. The masses have taken to the streets to end the dictatorship of King Mswati III with greater militancy than ever before. We salute the heroism of the emaSwati workers and youth. The key task facing revolutionaries in eSwatini is to place the working class in the leadership of the democracy movement armed with a programme for the creation of a workers’ and small farmers’ government and socialism. [click to read more]