Community Struggle

Community Programme of Action

We believe that the time is right to attempt to unite community organisations. We are therefore calling for the creation of a countrywide socialist civic federation and appealing to community organisations to begin working with each other toward that end. In this booklet we outline our analysis of the causes of the crises of poverty, unemployment, service delivery and crime that working class and poor communities face and a programme of action to address them. [click to read more]

Comment & Analysis

OPERATION DUDULA: CAPITALIST REACTION | How should we understand organised xenophobia and how should the working class respond?

The majority of people have reacted with horror at the violent death of Elvis Nyathi, stoned and burned to death by a murderous mob in Diepsloot. The MWP condemns this act of unbridled barbarism. We express our sympathy and solidarity with his family and indeed the entire Diepsloot community amongst whom he had lived in peace. [click to read more]

Community Struggle

CHIEFLY CORRUPTION | In the Grip of Poverty in the Rural Areas

The Eastern Cape, particularly the rural parts thereof, is the epitome of the ANC’s betrayal of the rural people who are unable to breathe as they are daily chocked by poverty, unemployment, lack of clean water, access roads, healthcare facilities, decent sanitation, proper housing, proper school education and functioning transport. All this misery is an unfortunate consequence of the ANC’s capitalist policies. [click to read more]

Community Struggle

Return to School: Safety Must be Priority

The decision of when to open and close schools should be under the control of local communities based primarily on health consideration. The SGBs have shown their willingness to toe the government line. We call for the creation of School Safety Committees made up of democratically elected representatives of teachers, parents and learners from grades 7 and up. [click to read more]

Community Struggle

CAMPAIGN | Organise Against Unemployment

The fragmentation of the working class that is developing as a result of the jobs bloodbath needs to be stopped in its tracks with a programme of action that can unite the working class. The core idea must be that the working class will not be made to endure poverty because of capitalism’s crisis. The demand on the bosses and their politicians must be: JOBS FOR ALL! This must be accompanied by the demands that the SOCIAL RELIEF OF DISTRESS GRANT IS MADE PERMANENT AND INCREASED TO R3,500 PER MONTH and THE MINIMUM WAGE IS INCREASED TO R12,500 PER MONTH. [click to read more]