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Solidarity with Steel and Engineering Workers Strike

The Marxist Workers Party stands in solidarity with the steel and engineering workers who began national strike action on 5 October. This action on pay is being led by Numsa, the dominant union in the nearly half-million strong workforce. Marches have taken place in Johannesburg and Durban with one journalist, reporting live from the Johannesburg, remarking that this is the largest worker-action seen since the pandemic began. [click to read more]

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WORKING CLASS SUMMIT DEBATES | What ‘type’ of party does the working class need?

We welcome the re-convening of the Working Class Summit on 23-24 October. The creation of a mass workers party will again be discussed. The Saftu federation is also debating this crucial issue. It remains a controversial topic for the leadership. The SRWP leadership is denouncing the idea of a “mass party” as counter-revolutionary, bourgeois and electoralist. They claim it has no basis in Marxism. Are any of these claims true? What is the way forward for the working class on the political front? [click to read more]

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Ensure the Working Class Summit is a GENUINE Parliament of the Working Class!

Unite all Struggles Around A Launch Date for Workers Party

On 10 and 11 May (provisionally), nearly three since it first met, the Working Class Summit (WCS) will reconvene. This has the potential to be an enormous step-forward for the working class, one for which the MWP has campaigned for more than two years.

Saftu convened the original WCS in July 2018. 1,000 delegates attended representing 147 working class organisations drawn from trade unions, other worker campaigns, community groups and youth structures. At the time we described this gathering as “an historic step forward”. [click to read more]

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SSA | Zuma’s Parallel State & ‘Dirty Tricks’ Campaign Against the Workers’ Movement

Of all the new revelations at the Zondo Commission, it is crucial for the working class to register and digest the exposure of the ‘dirty tricks’ being used against the workers’ movement and other protest movements.

Testimony at the Zondo Commission has again confirmed that the SSA was responsible for the creation of the Workers Association Union on the platinum belt in 2014, following the Marikana Massacre. [click to read more]

Trade Union

REVIEW: OCTOBER 7 GENERAL STRIKE | An Opportunity Missed for Saftu

The 7 October general strike called by Cosatu came against the background of an all-out assault on the working class by the ANC government and the bosses over the six months of the lockdown.Cosatu leaders promised that the economy would be brought to a standstill on 7 October. The strike was supported by all four trade union federations whom together claim to represent 2.8 million workers – nearly 25% of the workforce. But what was the outcome? [click to read more]