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PUBLIC SECTOR PAY | Name Start Date for All-Out Indefinite Strike!

The public sector National Day of Action on 22 November is an extremely important step-forward. It has been called jointly by all three trade union federations with members in the public sector. This level of unity and coordination will be essential in the struggle to win decent wages, protect jobs and defend collective bargaining. There is the potential to bring 800,000 workers out in a one-day national strike in support.  [click to read more]

Trade Union

10 NOVEMBER STRIKE | Now Organise a United All-Out Public Sector Strike

On 10 November the first national strike action against the ANC-government’s assault on public sector pay took place. The PSA one-day downing of tools followed a week of lunchtime pickets. Marches in several towns and cities ensured the voice of public sector workers was heard. The action was potentially an important beginning for a public sector general strike that is long overdue. [click to read more]

Comment & Analysis

REVIEW: AUGUST 24 SHUTDOWN | Enormous Potential to Build a United Mass Movement Against the ANC Government and Capitalism Must be Seized

The growing demand for working class unity took a step forward on the August 24 National Shutdown. Throughout the day “working class unity” was the one rallying call guaranteed to receive thunderous applause and deafening cheers. But workers will have to take matters into their own hands to ensure that August 24 is cemented as the opening act of a campaign of rolling mass action and to consolidate the important steps toward unity that have been taken. [click to read more]