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WORKING CLASS SUMMIT DEBATES | What ‘type’ of party does the working class need?

We welcome the re-convening of the Working Class Summit on 23-24 October. The creation of a mass workers party will again be discussed. The Saftu federation is also debating this crucial issue. It remains a controversial topic for the leadership. The SRWP leadership is denouncing the idea of a “mass party” as counter-revolutionary, bourgeois and electoralist. They claim it has no basis in Marxism. Are any of these claims true? What is the way forward for the working class on the political front? [click to read more]

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SA AFTER THE RIOTS | What are the prospects for SA’s capitalist economy?

Mining profits are booming. June saw the biggest trade surplus on record. The banks are paying dividends to shareholders again and StatsSA reports that the economy is 11% larger than thought. But unemployment has reached yet another record high. Incomes are falling and poverty is increasing. As the ruling class desperately looks for signs of a post-Covid recovery the inequalities and contradictions of SA’s capitalist economy remain as deep as ever. The few ‘green shoots’ the bosses point to are utterly dependent on the current conjuncture in the world economy and in fact underline the sickness of SA capitalism. [click to read more]

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RIOTS AND LOOTING A DEAD END! | Build Working Class Unity to Win Jobs and Services for ALL

Since the imprisonment of former president Jacob Zuma, SA has witnessed the most widespread unrest in decades. Tens of thousands of the poor, the destitute and the hungry have raided supermarkets and shopping malls for food, clothes and other consumer goods. The looting and rioting have seen instances of police outnumbered by the crowds, being pelted with stones and put to flight. [click to read more]

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CONCOURT RULINGS | Judiciary Clears the Path for Ramaphosa as Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens

The ConCourt judgement is a warning to the different factions of the ruling class not to over-reach themselves as Zuma and the RET faction did. The judicial-wing of the capitalist state has substituted itself as the ruling class’s “executive committee”, given the paralysis of its executive- and legislative-wings as a result of the factional divisions in the ANC, to bring some stability to SA capitalism on the terms of the capitalist class [click to read more]

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Ensure the Working Class Summit is a GENUINE Parliament of the Working Class!

Unite all Struggles Around A Launch Date for Workers Party

On 10 and 11 May (provisionally), nearly three since it first met, the Working Class Summit (WCS) will reconvene. This has the potential to be an enormous step-forward for the working class, one for which the MWP has campaigned for more than two years.

Saftu convened the original WCS in July 2018. 1,000 delegates attended representing 147 working class organisations drawn from trade unions, other worker campaigns, community groups and youth structures. At the time we described this gathering as “an historic step forward”. [click to read more]

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A Reply to City Press’s Mondli Makhanya

City Press Editor Mondli Makhanya’s article “Beware the Entryists of the ANC” reflects the growing alarm within society over the threats posed by the ANC’s RET faction. … Makhanya seizes upon an entirely superficial analysis, drawing a parallel between the reactionary political activities of the RET faction and the Marxist Workers Tendency of the ANC (MWT), forerunner of the MWP. By binding them together in the equivalent of a “doctrine of common purpose” to take over the ANC through the crime of “entryism” – he sows confusion. [click to read more]

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SSA | Zuma’s Parallel State & ‘Dirty Tricks’ Campaign Against the Workers’ Movement

Of all the new revelations at the Zondo Commission, it is crucial for the working class to register and digest the exposure of the ‘dirty tricks’ being used against the workers’ movement and other protest movements.

Testimony at the Zondo Commission has again confirmed that the SSA was responsible for the creation of the Workers Association Union on the platinum belt in 2014, following the Marikana Massacre. [click to read more]

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ANC’s MTBPS | Working Class Must OPPOSE Sovereign-Debt Repayment

Every political party takes it for granted that the debt must be paid. To those parties that posture as ‘radical’, ‘left’, or even ‘socialist’ the question must be put to them: should the debt be paid? The same question must be posed to the leaders of the trade unions. This one question can expose which side of the class barricades anyone they will stand upon in the class struggles that lie ahead. [click to read more]