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    PUBLIC SECTOR PAY | Name Start Date for All-Out Indefinite Strike!

    The public sector National Day of Action on 22 November is an extremely important step-forward. It has been called jointly by all three trade union federations with members in the public sector. This level of unity and coordination will be essential in the struggle to win decent wages, protect jobs and defend collective bargaining. There is the potential to bring 800,000 workers out in a one-day national strike in support.  [click to read more]

10 NOVEMBER STRIKE | Now Organise a United All-Out Public Sector Strike

Trade Union

On 10 November the first national strike action against the ANC-government’s assault on public sector pay took place. The PSA one-day downing of tools followed a week of lunchtime pickets. Marches in several towns and cities ensured the voice of public sector workers was heard. The action was potentially an important beginning for a public sector general strike that is long overdue. [click to read more]


REVIEW: AUGUST 24 SHUTDOWN | Enormous Potential to Build a United Mass Movement Against the ANC Government and Capitalism Must be Seized

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The growing demand for working class unity took a step forward on the August 24 National Shutdown. Throughout the day “working class unity” was the one rallying call guaranteed to receive thunderous applause and deafening cheers. But workers will have to take matters into their own hands to ensure that August 24 is cemented as the opening act of a campaign of rolling mass action and to consolidate the important steps toward unity that have been taken. [click to read more]

Trade Union

Heroic Sibanye Strike Highlights the Tactical Issues Facing the Workers’ Movement

The temperature of the class struggle is rising. 2022 has already seen a whole number of strikes. Some have been brief skirmishes as workers test their strength against the bosses. The strike wave is posing afresh many of the tactical and strategic issues facing the workers movement. None more so than the strike in Sibanye-Stillwater’s gold mines which ended in an important victory. [click to read more]

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SAFTU’S SECOND CONGRESS | Time for a Counter-Offensive Against Bosses and Government

Saftu’s second congress is taking place at a time of the sharpest escalation of the struggle between the classes in the post-apartheid era. … The necessity for unity in struggle has never been greater. A counter-offensive against this onslaught is absolutely imperative. The weaponry of the class enemy in government, state-owned enterprises and the private sector is trained on both organised workers’ wages and conditions, but also on the wider working class through savage social spending cuts. Preparation for a public sector general strike followed by a national general strike would … enable Saftu to claim the right to lead the working class like the early Cosatu. [click to read more]

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OPERATION DUDULA: CAPITALIST REACTION | How should we understand organised xenophobia and how should the working class respond?

The majority of people have reacted with horror at the violent death of Elvis Nyathi, stoned and burned to death by a murderous mob in Diepsloot. The MWP condemns this act of unbridled barbarism. We express our sympathy and solidarity with his family and indeed the entire Diepsloot community amongst whom he had lived in peace. [click to read more]

Capitalism’s ANC Crisis

Capitalism's ANC Crisis

Zuma Ousted

Inside two months following his election as ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa has realised the ambition he reportedly set himself whilst still at high school – to become the country’s president. [click to read more]

Revolutionary Trade Unionism

Women’s Struggle

  • In the Marxist Workers Party we argue that the many women and young people radicalised by the struggle against gender oppression and GBV should look towards a united movement of the working class. It is only the working class which has the power to fundamentally transform society, abolishing capitalism and the class inequalities that gender oppression is rooted in. [click to read more]

Community Struggle

Youth & Student Struggle

  • On the 45th anniversary of the school students’ revolt of 1976 we are re-publishing in a new booklet The Soweto Uprising by Weizmann Hamilton, general secretary of the MWP. Weizmann’s 1986 article draws-out the lessons of the historic 1976 youth revolt. It was originally written to arm the working class youth struggling against apartheid with the ideas and method of Marxism. The youth movement of the 1970s and 1980s is still rich in lessons for young activists. This new introduction by Shaun Arendse takes these lessons and applies them to the situation facing young people today. [click to read more]


The Struggle Against Apartheid: a Marxist Analysis