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    WORKING CLASS SUMMIT DEBATES | What ‘type’ of party does the working class need?

    We welcome the re-convening of the Working Class Summit on 23-24 October. The creation of a mass workers party will again be discussed. The Saftu federation is also debating this crucial issue. It remains a controversial topic for the leadership. The SRWP leadership is denouncing the idea of a “mass party” as counter-revolutionary, bourgeois and electoralist. They claim it has no basis in Marxism. Are any of these claims true? What is the way forward for the working class on the political front? [click to read more]

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    SA AFTER THE RIOTS | What are the prospects for SA’s capitalist economy?

    Mining profits are booming. June saw the biggest trade surplus on record. The banks are paying dividends to shareholders again and StatsSA reports that the economy is 11% larger than thought. But unemployment has reached yet another record high. Incomes are falling and poverty is increasing. As the ruling class desperately looks for signs of a post-Covid recovery the inequalities and contradictions of SA’s capitalist economy remain as deep as ever. The few ‘green shoots’ the bosses point to are utterly dependent on the current conjuncture in the world economy and in fact underline the sickness of SA capitalism. [click to read more]

Capitalism’s ANC Crisis

Capitalism's ANC Crisis

Zuma Ousted

Inside two months following his election as ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa has realised the ambition he reportedly set himself whilst still at high school – to become the country’s president. [click to read more]


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The #OutsourcingMustFall Campaign

Women’s Struggle

  • In the Marxist Workers Party we argue that the many women and young people radicalised by the struggle against gender oppression and GBV should look towards a united movement of the working class. It is only the working class which has the power to fundamentally transform society, abolishing capitalism and the class inequalities that gender oppression is rooted in. [click to read more]

Community Struggle

Youth & Student Struggle

  • On the 45th anniversary of the school students’ revolt of 1976 we are re-publishing in a new booklet The Soweto Uprising by Weizmann Hamilton, general secretary of the MWP. Weizmann’s 1986 article draws-out the lessons of the historic 1976 youth revolt. It was originally written to arm the working class youth struggling against apartheid with the ideas and method of Marxism. The youth movement of the 1970s and 1980s is still rich in lessons for young activists. This new introduction by Shaun Arendse takes these lessons and applies them to the situation facing young people today. [click to read more]


The Struggle Against Apartheid: a Marxist Analysis