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    An Era of Capitalist Turmoil

    The 2020s is set to be a decade of explosive developments and upheavals in all countries. There is not a country where political and social turmoil are not present to one degree or another. The lightning speed at which events are unfolding is a feature of the era we have entered. Capitalism is in its deepest crisis since the 1930s with crucial changes in the world situation and economy. The capitalist classes will be confronted with crisis management, stumbling from one crisis to the next. Conversely the working class and revolutionaries are faced with the task of rebuilding the workers’ movement- building combative trade unions, constructing mass parties and revolutionary parties to resolve the crisis of leadership which currently exists. [click to read more]

  • Workers Day

    WORKERS DAY 2021 | Seize the Opportunities to Build Working Class Unity

    Workers Day 2021 marks the 35th anniversary of Cosatu’s 1986 stayaway. At least 1.5 million workers took part in that general strike of thirty-five years ago. Topping the list of workers’ demands was the recognition of 1 May as a public holiday.

    The accelerated pace of events in the coming years will cut both ways. The working class will more rapidly be able to test-out different programmes and organisations. The looming public sector showdown will be a vital, potentially decisive, test that will redefine the relationship of class forces of the 2020s. [click to read more]

Ensure the Working Class Summit is a GENUINE Parliament of the Working Class!

Comment & Analysis

Unite all Struggles Around A Launch Date for Workers Party

On 10 and 11 May (provisionally), nearly three since it first met, the Working Class Summit (WCS) will reconvene. This has the potential to be an enormous step-forward for the working class, one for which the MWP has campaigned for more than two years.

Saftu convened the original WCS in July 2018. 1,000 delegates attended representing 147 working class organisations drawn from trade unions, other worker campaigns, community groups and youth structures. At the time we described this gathering as “an historic step forward”. [click to read more]

A Reply to City Press’s Mondli Makhanya

Comment & Analysis

City Press Editor Mondli Makhanya’s article “Beware the Entryists of the ANC” reflects the growing alarm within society over the threats posed by the ANC’s RET faction. … Makhanya seizes upon an entirely superficial analysis, drawing a parallel between the reactionary political activities of the RET faction and the Marxist Workers Tendency of the ANC (MWT), forerunner of the MWP. By binding them together in the equivalent of a “doctrine of common purpose” to take over the ANC through the crime of “entryism” – he sows confusion. [click to read more]

Student & Youth

STUDENT PROTESTS | Build an INDEPENDENT Mass Socialist Student & Youth Movement

We believe that the vast majority of students will be watching the protests with sympathy, hoping for victories, but will be completely repulsed by the political affiliation and methods of those currently dominating the leadership.

Those students watching with itchy feet, eager to hit the streets, but currently holding back, as well as any genuine activists in Sasco, EFFSC etc. must make the call for the building of a new and independent mass socialist student and youth movement. This is the unfinished business of 2015’s #FeesMustFall. [click to read more]

Capitalism’s ANC Crisis

Capitalism's ANC Crisis

Zuma Ousted

Inside two months following his election as ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa has realised the ambition he reportedly set himself whilst still at high school – to become the country’s president. [click to read more]


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Women’s Struggle

  • In the Marxist Workers Party we argue that the many women and young people radicalised by the struggle against gender oppression and GBV should look towards a united movement of the working class. It is only the working class which has the power to fundamentally transform society, abolishing capitalism and the class inequalities that gender oppression is rooted in. [click to read more]

Community Struggle

#FeesMustFall & the Struggle for Free Education (2015-17)



The Struggle Against Apartheid: a Marxist Analysis